Apple starts producing Mass Chips M2 this month, Intel is in trouble?

With Apple bringing some really impressive products to its latest Spring event featuring the iPad Pro, multi-colored Macs, and the newly-customized iPhone, there has been a company expectation for a new chip called the M2.

The news came to the fore as a Cupertino-based company aimed to release MacBook pro models that could shock faster processors than its predecessors, the M1 MacBook Air and Pro 2020. However, according to a recent Nikkei Asia report, the company is now working on mass production of new Apple M2 chips. horn. In addition, products that shake the chips are reported to be shipped in July. The report went on to say that these M2 particles will be derived from the N5P process which will lead to a 20% speed increase and a 40% reduction in energy consumption. This includes more CPUs and GPU cores compared to the M1 chip which had 8 CPU cores (4 large and 4 small) and 7 to 8 GPU cores. This is a major problem for Intel although not only has Apple stopped relying on Intel to provide processors on their computers but it has led to public perception that users now know that the M1 chip outperforms even the latest Intel processors . This not only reduces Intel sales but also gives tech-savvy consumers a hard time considering their processors. Aside from the processor alone, it has been reported that the new Apple MacBooks will have more ports than the previous ones which is why they give users more access to connecting devices and devices. If you want to buy a MacBook M1 Air or Pro then you should know that both laptops start at between 1400 – 1600 USD (equivalent to about 2 lac in PKR). Both have the same specifications but the only difference is that the MacBook Pro has a touch bar and has the right cooling sensor and the MacBook Air does not. However, it is expected that the prices of these animals will decrease slightly but not in large quantities.

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