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Types of fuel used in internal combustion engines

Before starting discussing the types of fuels used in internal combustion engines, we, first need to elaborate the types of internal combustion engines and their mechanisms. After having discussed the mechanical features of different types of internal combustion engines, we will find out which types of fuel are used in various types of engine, what

Introduction to Mechanical Technology

Mechanical technology is associated with the knowledge of designing, construction, building, testing, and using machines. The machine is any device, which utilizes as well as produces mechanical and kinetic energy. Machines usually work through motions and movements. The motive mechanism of the machines is known as mechanics, and the technical methods used in this regard

Air Compressor Troubleshooting and Solutions

With the advancement of automotive technology, compressor is considered a “standard equipment”, especially in the coal chemical industry, machinery industry and other industries. For distance measurement applications, both additional and complete additions can be selected – from a technical point of view. The advantages of fully encoded encoders are demonstrated by their accuracy and performance,

Piston Compressor Basics – Structure, Functional Foundation, Benefits and Problems

As both manufacturers and end consumers know, in the refrigerator or cooling system, the compressor is the backbone of the machine for continuous ******* back and forward refrigeration When the compressor breaks or stops working, the entire cooling system will be disrupted. The piston compressor is widely used for high and medium cold storage. Here